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Full Throttle Rockabilly

With the unmistakable, thumping low end of the big, blue upright bass and the reverb soaked twang and growl of a hollowbody Gretsch guitar The Roostertails rope in audiences with a sound that says “this is who we are, and this is what we do” with no apologies.  They seamlessly mix the well known hits and deep cuts of other artists with their own creations, never missing a beat.  


On stage you’ll find Yotes slapping away at his signature upright bass, occasionally interrupting his crooning melodies with strategically-placed, rock inspired vocal breakups.  Dave plays the part of the wildman, coaxing a range of tones out of his Gretsch while taking over vocal duties when the band dips into the honky tonk songs of his Texas roots. Travis drives the tempo with a mindblowing array of rhythms developed over years of experience in professional drumlines.


The product of over 45 years of combined musical experience ranging from their early garage days to time spent in national touring acts (and every level in between), they have strived from the beginning to put together an undeniably entertaining show with broad appeal.  With a broad selection of songs that, while centered in rockabilly, borrow elements from honky tonk, blues, latin, and rock they believe they have the makings of that.

Following the January 2019 release of their debut EP, The Shakedown Sessions, the band has been performing throughout the Pacific Northwest.  They are currently preparing to record their first full album.

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